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Season 5 CEVO Performance Index (CPI) Explained

At the start of each new season, we always have an influx of questions about the CEVO Performance Index (CPI), and how we calculate standings at CEVO. Below is a recycled news announcement that explains our proprietary ranking system in detail:

CEVO has developed and released the CEVO Performance Index (CPI), a mathematical formula for calculating teams’ overall performance during the regular season. CPI is carefully constructed to take into consideration all the important factors for seeding teams in the fairest, most unbiased way possible.


1) Point Index

2) Win Percentage

3) Strength of Schedule

4) Margin of Victory

5) Opponents’ Strength of Schedule

6) Head-to-Head Modifier

POINT INDEX is calculated based primarily on the number of wins. Forfeit wins grant teams partial points, as do overtime losses.

WIN PERCENTAGE is a straightforward calculation of a team’s wins versus losses.

STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE is determined by averaging the Win Percentage of each of a given team’s opponents, minus the match between that team and that opponent.

MARGIN OF VICTORY adjusts the value of a given win depending on the difference between rounds won and rounds lost.

OPPONENTS’ STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE is determined by averaging the Strength of Schedule for each of a given team’s opponents.

HEAD-TO-HEAD MODIFIER takes head-to-head match-ups into consideration by providing a small bonus for beating higher ranked teams and applying a small deduction for losing to lower ranked teams.

If you have any questions about the CPI, feel free to post them below and we'll do our best to address them in this thread.  Keep in mind that most of these components become more accurate as the season progresses as match scores are reported, building up to the end of the regular season where the algorithm is at it's most accurate when it's time to determine the season's Playoff seeds.


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