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Introducing CEVO MVP

Level up your game!

CEVO is excited to introduce the MVP program. Upgrade your account today to climb the learderboards, get detailed INSIGHT into how you play, and have more control over your experience. The price of MVP will not stay at $4.99/month, so support your favorite league, be a part of something big, shape the future of MVP, and level up your experience by becoming a CEVO MVP today!

Increase your PUG Influence

Take more control of your PUG experience with additional voting power and expanded tools to play with who you want.

  • Have more influence during PUG map votes with twice the voting power
  • Keep the toxic players away with an unlimited number of blocks
  • Become eligible for PUG moderator, allowing you to remove cheaters and griefers from your PUGs

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Level Up Your Game

Gather your friends and play private 10-mans or continue to practice with your team in an unlimited number of scrims.

  • Unlimited number of weekly scrims practice all day 'err day
  • Download all PUG, Match, and public Scrim demos
  • Access to MVP-Only PUGs
  • Gather 9 other friends and create private 10-player drafts

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Gain Recognition, Be Featured, Get Involved

Step into the spotlight with a featured stream, shiny new badge, and your name atop one of the many leaderboards.

  • Shiny new MVP badge to carry around the site
  • Access to the private MVP-Only forums
  • Converse with the devs about upcoming features and improvements
  • Your suggestions help shape the future of MVP
  • Get a feel for the community - create polls in the forums
  • In-Game MVP Recognition
  • Become eligible to be placed on the leaderboards
  • Your stream has priority and has the chance of being featured on the homepage of CEVO.com
  • Personalize your profile page with custom colors, background images and much more!

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CEVO InSight

Get more out of your game with insightful help with the CEVO  InSight Engine™.

  • Available Now
  • Get access to more detailed statistics
  • View your stats the way you want by selecting any time frame
  • Track your stats over time to see your improvement
  • Look at your stats by weapon, map or side
  • Pinpoint your aim with detailed insights about bullet accuracy and hits

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Current MVP
Global PUG Service in 13+ Locations
Basic Player Statistics
Scrims Per Week 3 Unlimited
Number Of Player Blocks 3 Unlimited
PUG Moderator Eligibility
Detailed Statistics Date Range Limited Custom Ranges
CEVO InSight
PUG Map Vote Weight 1x 2x
Access To MVP-Only PUGs
Access To Private 10-Mans
GOTV Demo Access Limited All Access
Leaderboard Eligibility
In-Game MVP Recognition
SMS Match Alerts for Most Events Limited
Ad-Free Viewing Experience On CEVO.com
Access To MVP-Only Forum
Ability To Create Forum Polls
Extended CEVO Profile Customization
Higher Priority In Community Streams
MVP Profile Badge
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