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CEVO is for people who love Counter-Strike

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Over 425,000 PUGs Played Over 185,000 Scrims Played Over 300,000 Matches Played Over 16,000 10-Mans Played Over 2 Billion Shots Fired Over 42 Million Headshots Over 125,000 Aces Over 1.3 Million Bombs Defused

The infrastructure to support your game
CEVO maintains a network of thousands of high quality 128-tickrate game servers across the globe

PUGs, Parties & 10-Mans

Play alone or party with friends in our automated CS:GO PUG servers against other competitively skilled players. Have a large crew? Start a private 10-Man in minutes and let us deal with the hassle of setting up the server and Captains draft!

Ranks & Statistics

Improve your play and track your progress with the most advanced CS:GO player statistics in the industry. Rank up and brag to your friends with our all-new 10-tier ranking system.

Tournament Play

Compete in our signature leagues, ladders, and daily/weekly rush tournaments for cash and other prizes while climbing the ladder of ranked skill divisions to the prestigious CEVO Pro League.

Tools for your Team

Practice with your team between matches and play against opponents of similar skill with our automated Scrim system. You can also stay in perfect game shape 24/7 with our warm-up Aim & Deathmatch servers.

Advanced Anti-Cheat

Don't waste time playing against cheaters. We've already caught more than 12,000 of them! All CEVO game servers are protected by our proprietary anti-cheat technology.
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The CEVO CS:GO Client is easy to use, fun, and FREE! Play with your friends, create teams, and compete in leagues and tournaments on high-quality 128-tickrate game servers protected by our proprietary anti-cheat technology. If you need any help, our amazing customer support team is just seconds away.