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ESWC 2016 PGW CS:GO Womens Online Qualifiers (Sep 10-11) - Register Today

(August 16th, 2016) – CEVO, North America’s largest online competitive CS:GO gaming league, is proud to announce the ESWC 2016 PGW CS:GO Womens Qualifiers. Registration for the ESWC 2016 PGW CS:GO Womens Qualifiers is NOW OPEN and teams can register from now until Friday, September 9th at 11:00 PM ET. Space in this tournament is extremely limited, so don't wait - register your team today!

For the thirteenth time in a row, the ESWC will welcome the best CS:GO womens teams with a dedicated tournament. Oxent has recently unveiled the first details of its qualifiers and final which will be held during the Paris Games Week show.

A total of eight teams will compete at the final in Paris from Saturday, October 29th - Monday, October 31st, 2016 for a total cash prize of $15,000 USD. The finalists will be determined through a qualifying process composed of direct selection and online qualifiers.


Participation in the ESWC 2016 PGW CS:GO Womens Qualifiers is completely FREE for CEVO MVP's and $5/player for regular users. If you'd like to learn more about the CEVO MVP program, visit http://cevo.com/mvp.

  • The top team from each region qualifies for the ESWC 2016 Paris Games Week
  • ALL matches played on premium 128-tickrate CEVO gameservers across 15+ locations
  • CEVO's automated match service integration
  • Access to premium tournament features (scrim system, league leaderboards, etc..)
  • ALL matches protected by CEVO's exclusive anti-cheat technology
  • Complete LIVE match statistics for every match
  • Automatic recording and storage of GOTV demos
  • Real-time updated brackets and team rankings
  • Helpful league officials available for LIVE support available throughout the tournament

- 32 team double elimination bracket
- first come, first serve open registration
- best of three maps (bo3) upper bracket and (bo1) lower bracket
- map & side selection: VETO process (maps 1 & 2) / knife for sides (map 3)
- map & side selection (bo1): VETO process + knife for sides
- tournament seeds: random

European Schedule:
Saturday, September 10th
UB Round 1: 2:30 PM CET
UB Round 2 / LB Round 1: 5:00 PM CET
UB Round 3 / LB Round 2: 6:00 PM CET
LB Round 3: 7:30 PM CET
UB Round 4 / LB Round 4: 9:00 PM CET

Sunday, September 11th
LB Round 5: 2:30 PM CET
LB Round 6: 3:30 PM CET
UB Finals / LB Round 7: 5:00 PM CET
LB Finals: 7:30 PM CET
Grand Finals: 8:30 PM CET

North American Schedule:
Saturday, September 10th
UB Round 1: 12:00 PM ET
UB Round 2 / LB Round 1: 2:30 PM ET
UB Round 3 / LB Round 2: 5:00 PM ET
LB Round 3: 6:00 PM ET

Sunday, September 11th
LB Finals: 2:30 PM ET
Grand Finals: 4:00 PM ET


  • de_dust2
  • de_nuke
  • de_train
  • de_mirage
  • de_cache
  • de_overpass
  • de_cbble 

NOTE: Teams should be aware that the tournament schedule is tentative and teams should be prepared to play matches in a rush style back-to-back format. Reschedules will not be permitted.

As this is a 32 team double elimination bracket, only the first 32 "Ready" teams will be scheduled first round matches. Teams that forfeit their first round matches will be replaced in the bracket by teams on the waiting list on a first come, first served basis. To join the waiting list, teams must have 5 "Ready" players on the CEVO website, and have a team rep waiting in the "Waiting List" channel of our TeamSpeak 3 server (ts.cevo.com).


About ESWC:
The Electronic Sports World Cup is a worldwide competition of video games starting locally with national qualifying to end with a World Final gathering all the cyber athletes and designed as a live show. The ESWC has grown as an independent and innovative project representing gamers and online communities. ESWC federates companies as non-profit organizations all over the world; all convinced that video games champions are genuine athletes precursors of their generation and the new sports of the XXIst century. The ESWC is managed by Oxent SAS, global rights owner since June 2012. For more information visit eswc.com.

About CEVO:
CEVO is a global eSports company built around North America’s largest competitive online PC gaming league. Founded in December of 2004 with the intention to transform competitive online gaming into a professional sport, CEVO has been hosting both free and pay-to-play tournaments across a variety of AAA titles for almost 10 years. Through CEVO-TV we are also engaged in online broadcasting and other digital media. Additionally, CEVO offers event management, marketing, development, and design solutions for clients looking to get involved in the business of eSports. For more information visit cevo.com.


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