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CEVO to host MLG CS:GO Last Chance Online Qualifiers (Americas)

Major League Gaming (MLG) will host the first Counter Strike: Global Offensive Major Championship of 2016 in Columbus, Ohio on March 29 through April 3, 2016. One of the ways to qualify for MLG Columbus 2016, is through the MLG CS:GO Major LAN Qualifier, which will be held at the MLG.tv Arena in Columbus, OH on February 26 through 28, 2016

Starting with the Americas Last Chance Qualifier this weekend (Jan 23-24) MLG will offer teams from the Americas and CIS/Europe a final opportunity to earn an invitation to the Major LAN Qualifier. Teams that were ineligible to participate in a Minor Championship will be eligible to participate in their region’s Last Chance Qualifier hosted by CEVO. More information on the CIS/Europe Last Chance Qualifier (Feb 2-7) will be announced shortly.

You'll be able to watch the Last Chance Qualifiers (Americas) broadcast by the CEVO-TV crew all weekend long at http://MLG.tv/playCEVO.

Format & Schedule:
- 8 team single elimination best-of-three (bo3) bracket
- bracket seeds: random
- map & side selection: VETO process (see below)
- the winning team receives a direct invitation to the MLG Major LAN Qualifier (Feb 26-28)

MLG CS:GO Last Chance Qualifier (Americas) Brackets -

Saturday, January 23rd
OpTic Gaming vs. NoName @ 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT
Torqued vs. GamesAcademy @ 3:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM PT
Winterfox vs. Team SoloMid @ 6:00 PM ET / 3:00 PM PT

Sunday, January 24th
Games Academy vs. Splyce @ 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT
OpTic Gaming vs. Winterfox @ 3:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM PT
Games Academy vs. Winterfox @ 6:30 PM ET / 3:30 PM PT

Invited Teams:
1) Splyce
abE- | JRNASTY | arya | Professor_CHAOS | DAVEY
2) Winterfox
LeXg$ | anger | Xp3 | flowsicK | desi
3) OpTic Gaming
Shahzam | Rush- | NAF-FLY | daps | Stanislaw
4) Torqued
Seangares | mOE | a2z | ryx | tck
5) Games Academy
booltz | HEN1- | felps | SHOOWTiME | LUCAS1 | (C) peacemakerl
6) NRG Esports
gob b | silent3m | just9n | legija | ptr
7) Team SoloMid
SEMPHIS | FNS | autimatic | vice | SicK | (C) valens

Maps, Rules, & Veto Process
Each match will be played as a best-of-three (bo3) series utilizing the Valve Active Duty Group (current competition map pool) of de_dust2, de_inferno, de_train, de_mirage, de_cobblestone, de_cache, and de_overpass. Standard CEVO CS:GO Rules will apply.

1) A Coin Toss will be conducted prior to the start of all Matches.
2) For all Matches, the Team that wins the Coin Toss must elect to have Side Choice for Game 3 or to act as Team A or Team B during the Map Ban/Pick process. If the Team that wins the Coin Toss elects to have Side Choice for Game 3, the other Team will choose to act as Team A or Team B during the Map Ban/Pick process, and vice versa.
3) The Map Ban/Pick process is as follows:

a) Team A Bans 1 Map
b) Team B Bans 1 Map
c) Team A Picks the Game 1 Map
d) Team B Picks the Game 2 Map
e) The Server randomly Picks the Game 3 Map from the three Maps that remain.  
f) Team B will have Side Choice for Game 1 and Team A will have Side Choice for Game 2

General Admission tickets to the MLG CS:GO Major Championship: Columbus are still available! Purchase today at MLG.tv/CSMajor. To learn more about the road to MLG CS:GO Major Championship: Columbus, click here.


About CEVO:
CEVO is a global eSports company built around North America’s largest competitive online PC gaming league. Founded in December of 2004 with the intention to transform competitive online gaming into a professional sport, CEVO has been hosting both free and pay-to-play tournaments across a variety of AAA titles for almost 10 years. Through CEVO-TV we are also engaged in online broadcasting and other digital media. Additionally, CEVO offers event management, marketing, development, and design solutions for clients looking to get involved in the business of eSports. For more information visit cevo.com.

About Major League Gaming (MLG):
MLG is the leader in eSports delivering premium gaming content to viewers through its streaming platform - MLG.tv and promoting eSports globally through premier competition. MLG.tv is one of the fastest growing broadcast networks worldwide reaching 20 million highly-engaged fans each month via web, mobile, connected TVs, gaming consoles and social media. MLG pioneered the eSports industry as the longest-running competitive gaming league in North America and through Gamebattles, the largest cross platform online gaming tournament system with 9 million registered users. For more information: MLG.tv.

About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:
CS:GO is the latest installment in the Counter-Strike series. Since it was launched in August of 1999, Counter-Strike has become one the most played online games of all time, and the series has sold over 25 million copies. In the past year, CS:GO’s player numbers have increased by more than 250%, and over $3.5 mil have been paid to community content creators making and selling new items and levels for the games. For information about Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, please visit http://blog.counter-strike.net


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