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Official Rules


Before teams play their first matches, all players should read and completely understand the rules.

We'll do our best to keep this section updated at all times, but in certain circumstances this may not be possible. In the case of a discrepancy, decisions made by CEVO Staff will take precedence.

CEVO reserves the right to make changes to any/all rules as deemed appropriate by CEVO at any time in an effort to maintain the spirit of fair play.


All members are required to uphold and observe a universal level of sportsmanship. Any unsportsmanlike action which can include, but is not limited to racism, profanity, rude/vulgar acts, abusive remarks, and disrespect of an official are not tolerated. Users who engage in unsportsmanlike conduct are subject to suspension, match forfeits, or any other punishment that CEVO deems necessary.

Any accusations of unsportsmanlike conduct should be submitted in the form of a dispute and will be investigated by CEVO staff. UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT DISPUTES WILL NOT RESULT IN ROUND OR SCORE CHANGES.

Member Names

Member game handles containing any of the following will not be tolerated: profanity, racism, sexism, drug use, or general vulgarity. Players found with offensive names may be contacted by an official and asked to change their name to something more appropriate.

Captain / A-Captain / Scheduler / Coach Roles

Team Captains are in control of every aspect of the team. Team Captains have the right to edit team information, add or remove members on the team, schedule matches, report scores, and file disputes. Every team is required to have a Team Captain.

Assistant Captains are able to schedule matches, report scores, and file disputes. Assistant Captains are not required, but CEVO recommends that every team designate an Assistant Captain in case of an absence of the Team Captain.

Schedulers are able to schedule matches and report scores. Schedulers are not required, but CEVO recommends that every team designate a Scheduler in case of an absence of the Team Captain or Assistant Captain(s).

Coaches are roster members who do not play in matches. They are allowed to join servers and spectate players of their team in order to offer coaching during the match.

Team Names

Team Names containing any of the following will not be tolerated: profanity, racism, sexism, drug use, or general vulgarity. Teams found with offensive names may be contacted by an official and asked to change their name to something more appropriate.

Team Name Changes

Team name changes are allowed at any time, but are limited to one change every 30 days. Additional changes may be requested from CEVO Support and will be approved on a case by case basis.


Team rosters are established during the registration period prior to the start of an event. Changes to team rosters may take place at any time before the event's final roster lock, which will vary by event type.

Players are not eligible to play in a match unless they are on a team's official roster and all teams are required to have at least six players on their roster to be considered an active team.

CEVO reserves the right to approve changes to a team's roster after the event's final roster lock in the case of extenuating circumstances. Requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Rosters that transcend events via qualification or placement must retain a majority of the qualifying roster in order to be considered the same roster and maintain eligibility in any restricted division.

Team Captain Changes

Changes to the player designated as the Team Captain are permitted if the Team Captain would like to transfer leadership to another member of the team, has been removed from the event by an official, would like to leave the team, or has been mutinied by the other members of the roster.

Team Rights to Terminate a Team Captain (Mutiny Rule)

The members on a team roster reserve the right to oust the Team Captain at any time during the event. For a team to enact this rule, a simple majority of the members on the team must cast their votes for a new Team Captain. In the case of a mutiny, the player with the most votes will be set as the new Team Captain.

NOTE: To be eligible to cast a mutiny vote, a player must have been on the team roster for at least one week.

Match Scheduling

Matches are to be scheduled and played on or before the deadline date of each round. Failure to schedule and play a match before the end of the deadline date may result in forfeit loss.

Teams are required to contact their opponent through the CEVO match communication thread prior to the match deadline date to establish the match time for any and all matches without a default time set by CEVO.

Unanswered match proposals will be automatically accepted after 24 hours. Teams will be notified via email that a proposal is going to be automatically accepted 8 hours prior to the auto-acceptance. Teams will be limited to 5 active proposals per match at any given time.

While communicating via third party applications (Skype, Battle.net, etc.) is commonplace, CEVO will only accept communication logs from the CEVO match communication thread as evidence in the case of dispute.

Match Scheduling After the Deadline Day

Teams are not allowed to schedule or play their matches after the match deadline date without explicit permission from CEVO Support. Teams that would like to request an extension to their match deadline date, should contact CEVO Support immediately. Match extensions are given by on a case-by-case basis and may not be permitted in certain events depending on the circumstances.

Makeup Matches

Teams that receive a forfeit win may be automatically rescheduled against another opponent wherever possible, at the discretion of CEVO. Forfeit losses will never be rescheduled. Playoff matches that end in a forfeit will not be rescheduled.

Paladin Rules
CEVO Client Requirements

All members are REQUIRED to install and run the Client application prior to playing in any CEVO event. This program will communicate directly with CEVO content servers, dedicated servers, and the member's client machine to provide game environment authentication.

Members that experience difficulties running the software are required to contact CEVO Support before starting their match. Players that are not running the client are NOT allowed to participate in any CEVO matches.

All players are required to be logged in to the Paladin for the entire duration of the match. Players who do not meet this requirement may face a penalty to their team.

Game Servers
Private Game Servers

Teams may utilize their own dedicated server as long as it falls within the ping imbalance rule, is not hosted locally, and has the most recent CEVO configuration files installed.

In the event that a Non-CEVO server is used, ANY and ALL issues that arise from server problems will be the sole responsibility of the hosting team. This includes, but is not limited to, server reboots, round restarts, and map changes. Matches may be split and played on two dedicated servers.

Game Server Configuration Settings and Files

All teams that host a CEVO match on their own match server must ensure that the latest versions of CEVO's server configuration files are installed and running properly. It is the hosting team’s responsibility to ensure that the proper configurations are installed and working as intended, prior to the start of the match. Once a match has officially started, teams may not file disputes for the use of incorrect game settings.

Ping Imbalance & Server Selection

The difference between each team's average pings can be no greater than thirty milliseconds. Pings must be confirmed by logging into the agreed upon server and not through 3rd party tools like HLSW, or HLIT. Loss and choke will not be an acceptable reason not to play in a server; ping will be the only determining factor.

If the difference between the average team pings is less than thirty milliseconds, the server is acceptable for play. Each team has the RIGHT to play at least one half of the match in their server, provided it falls within the ping Imbalance rule.

Members outside of the continental United States, Canada, & Mexico waive their right to the ping imbalance rule. CEVO officials reserve the right to force servers that may fall outside this ping imbalance rule to be played, in the event of another more equally balanced server not being available.

The Home team will choose which half to play on their server, if two servers are going to be used. If neither team can provide a server that is within the Ping Imbalance rule CEVO officials will determine what server MUST be used for the match.

Server Crashes

If a server crashes during any match, all rounds that have been fully completed will count towards the final score. All remaining rounds of the match will be played on a new server using the overtime configuration.

Gameplay Guidelines
Match Guideline

A match consists of two fifteen round halves. A match is considered complete once one team wins sixteen rounds.

Playing from a LAN Center

Players are allowed to play their matches from a LAN center; however, the computers at the LAN center must be able to install and run any software utilized by CEVO in connection with the event (if any).

Players that are going to be playing from a LAN Center should notify CEVO Support prior to the match to avoid confusion regarding ringing.

Players Required to Start a Match

All matches are to be played with a minimum of four players per team. If a team does not have the required minimum of four players at the deadline of fifteen minutes past the scheduled match time, the match should be reported as a forfeit win. Teams are not allowed to play with less than four players unless the match has already started and a player(s) has disconnected.

Match Side and Server Choice Guidelines

The home team has the right to choose which server and side they would like to start on. Teams are required to play one half as CT and one half as T.

Both teams have the right to play one half on their own server as long as it meets the CEVO Ping Imbalance requirements.

CEVO has the right to force teams to play their match on a specific server for any reason, regardless of the Ping Imbalance requirements.

Unique Game IDs

It is each team’s responsibility to verify that the opposing team’s roster and player’s Game ID's are correct prior to the start of any match. Once a match goes LIVE there can be no dispute filed for incorrect or missing Game ID's.

All players MUST enter their Game ID’s prior to playing in their first match of the event as they will be used by CEVO for authentication purposes.

In Counter-Strike games, CEVO uses a player’s personal SteamID as our Game ID.


End of game screenshots showing the match score should be taken and uploaded at the time of score reporting.

Pregame screenshots are not required in CEVO, but teams are encouraged to take them if they wish. Teams are encouraged to take a status screenshot of all players in the server at the beginning of a match and at any time a player reconnects to the server.

Player Substitutions

Player substitutions are allowed at any time during the match. Only players with ready status on the team's roster page are allowed to substitute. A player is only allowed to join the game after the player who they are replacing has left the server.

Halftime Guidelines

After finishing the first half of a match, teams are allowed an optional five minute break. Team Captain’s should exchange information regarding the second half server information (if switching servers). Ideally, server information should be discussed in advance to avoid conflict and delay.

If a team fails to show up in the agreed upon server or fails to have the required minimum number of players after the five minute break, that team may be forced to forfeit the remaining rounds.

CEVO Support MUST be notified in the case of a team not showing up for the second half of a match.

Match Restart Guidelines

Once a match has started, teams are not allowed to restart the match, unless a player drops from the server within the first minute of play.

Player Connectivity Issues

CEVO is not responsible for players who experience connectivity problems. Teams should have substitute players available to join if a player gets disconnected from the game server. If a player disconnects for any reason, the server should be paused at the first available freezetime. If the lag out occurs within the first minute of play, the half must be restarted.

Players Leaving Early

All players are expected to remain in the game server until the conclusion of the match. Leaving a match early is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and, at the discretion of CEVO Staff, a penalty may be issued in extreme cases.

If an entire team leaves the server prior to conclusion of the match, all remaining available scoring will be forfeited to the team that remains.

Overtime Guidelines

In the instance of a tie after thirty rounds of play, overtime will be played. Overtime consists of two, three round halves. The startmoney will be set at $16000. If the score is still tied after the first overtime, another overtime will be played, this process will be repeated until one team wins. No CEVO matches are allowed to end in a tie. Prior to the start of the overtime period, the hosting team should execute the cevo-ot.cfg.

Configuration Files

Players are allowed to edit their user configuration files in the native game directory provided that no changes are made to give the player an unfair advantage inside of the game.

Custom HUDs (CS:GO)

Players are allowed to use custom HUDs as long as no information that is included in the default HUD is added or removed.

Here are a list of approved HUDs that have been approved for use in CEVO. If you have any questions about a custom HUD, please contact CEVO Support.

• Competitive HUD 1.2

• righT.GUI

Video Card Settings

All players must have ambient occlusion set to default (off) in their video card’s settings. Additionally, LOD Bias must also be set to default. Players found in violation of this rule will be considered “cheating” and will face a one year suspension.

Models / Skins (Counter-Strike)

ALL players MUST use default game models. If a member is found using ANY NON-STANDARD models during an official match, it will be considered a violation of the rules and may result in a loss and/or termination from the event.

Sprites (Counter-Strike)

ALL players MUST use default sprites. If a player is found using ANY NON-STANDARD sprite during an official match, it will be considered a violation of the rules and may result in a loss and/or termination from the event.


Cheating in any form is considered a violation of the rules and will result in an immediate one year suspension.

Cheating is considered any manipulation of server configurations, client configurations, models, skins, weapons, graphics settings, or sounds to gain an unfair advantage in game. This can also include, but is not limited to, the use of any third party program not deemed legal by CEVO.

In order to maintain the maximum sanctity, integrity, and security of the Paladin anti-cheat application, CEVO will not reveal any information/evidence collected by Paladin to the public, player in question, nor his/her teammates in the event that a cheating suspension is issued.

Third Party Applications

The use of any third party application and or program to influence or manipulate the game environment is strictly prohibited. Any such situations will be regarded as a cheating violation and will result in a loss and immediate termination from the event. Subsequently any and all matches that the guilty player has played in will be overturned.

Game Exploits

It is illegal to intentionally utilize any game exploits including any exploits that are not explicitly covered in the rules. CEVO staff have discretion to determine the intention and extent of any exploit used in game. Players found intentionally utilizing game exploits to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents may face suspension or a reversal of rounds.

Map Exploits

It is illegal to use a map exploit in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage that was not in the original intent of the game or mapmaker. Players found in violation of these rules will be penalized at the discretion of CEVO staff.


Clipping is when a player is either boosted through a solid layer, or when a player manipulates themselves so that they can see over, under, and/or through any solid entity such as a wall or box.

Clipping is not allowed and CEVO staff retain full discretion in determining if clipping was involved and the subsequent penalty.

All boosts are legal so long as clipping is not involved.

Bomb Plant and Defuse Guidelines (Counter-Strike)

•Undefusable Bomb Plants

It is illegal to plant the bomb in places where it is impossible to defuse.

•Floating Bomb Plants

It is illegal to plant the bomb in a way that it is not touching a solid entity.

•Silent Bomb Plants

It is illegal to plant a bomb in a location where it doesn’t make the regular “beeping” noise.

•Covered Bomb Plants

It is illegal to use objects to cover a bomb where the opposing players cannot defuse.

•Bomb Defusing

It is illegal to defuse a bomb through any solid object.

Match Reporting

At the completion of the match the winning team should report the final score. Team Captains, A-Captains, and Schedulers all have access to report match scores on the website.

If you have reported a match score incorrectly contact CEVO Support immediately to have the match score fixed and avoid potential punishment.


Forfeit wins may be awarded when a team does not have the minimum number of required players in the game server within 15 minutes of the scheduled match start time.

Teams that forfeit multiple times in the same event may be deactivated.

Teams must report forfeit wins correctly as a "forfeit win" and not a regular match win as to not disrupt the integrity of the event standings.

Dispute Process

Only the Team Captain or A-Captain has the right to dispute a member(s) or team that they feel is in violation of the rules. All disputes must be filed within eight hours of the completion of the match. Timely resolution of disputes is very important to us and usually rulings will be made within two weeks. All parties will be kept up to date on the details of a dispute via email.

Dispute Submission Detail

If you suspect a player(s) of violating the event rules, please list the specific instances where you believe the infractions occurred in the match, along with a detailed explanation and any supporting evidence.

Disputes that are submitted without specific descriptions will be rejected.

Evidence Requests

In the event of a match dispute, CEVO Staff may contact the parties involved via email and request all necessary evidence. Players will have twenty-four (24) hours to submit the requested evidence. Events with accelerated timelines, such as events where multiple rounds/matches are played in a single day, are subject to shorter deadlines.

Players/teams who fail to submit the requested evidence within the deadline may be subject to penalties.

Player / Team Termination Guidelines

In the event that a player or team is found in violation of any rule or CEVO Terms of Use, unless otherwise noted by the specific rule or term violated, the member or team in question may be warned, suspended, or immediately disqualified from any or all CEVO events as determined by CEVO staff.

Any team found with a cheating player during season or ladder play will have any matches the player in question participated in overturned. Any team found with a cheating player during any playoff, tournament, or bracket-based event will be immediately disqualified and removed from the event.

Media and Spectator Guidelines
Spectator Applications

A team may use spectator applications (HLTV, SourceTV, GOTV, DotaTV, etc.) to broadcast or record any match. ALL public spectator applications must have a delay of no less than 120 seconds to ensure fair play. It is the responsibility of both teams to check the delay times prior to the start of any match. Disputes about the length of the delay will not be accepted if the match has already started.

Spectator applications are not required for match play, however, we encourage teams to use them as it is in the best interest of the game to provide as much coverage to the public as possible. Teams are not allowed to refuse the use of a spectator application if either team can provide one.

CEVO reserves the right to require a spectator application to broadcast any match. In this case, CEVO will provide the spectator application; in addition CEVO reserves the right to require the match to be played on a server with enough slots to host said spectator application. If this creates a server conflict, the match will be played on a CEVO server.

Match Coverage, Casting and Live Streaming

CEVO reserves the right to arrange shared or exclusive coverage or live broadcasting of any match for any CEVO event. CEVO's media partners may be given the right to contact teams directly for match information to facilitate broadcasting.

Teams failing to cooperate with CEVO's media partners or CEVO staff may receive a forfeit loss or be removed from the event.

Teams are allowed to arrange their own match coverage and live broadcasting provided both teams agree and CEVO isn't officially broadcasting the match. This agreement should be posted in the match communication thread by a representative from each team.

Either team may refuse unofficial (not arranged by CEVO or CEVO's media partners) broadcasting at no penalty.

All live broadcasts must be set up with a delay of at least 30 seconds.


No spectators are allowed in a match server while an official match is underway with the exception of team coaches, CEVO officials, and/or CEVO's media partners.

Any person interested in watching matches should do so via the live broadcast if available.

Event Prize Distribution Policy and Guidelines

Each and every member that is on a team roster at the conclusion of an event is entitled to receive an equal share of any prize money that team the team ha won. Should a member not wish to receive prize money, they must contact CEVO Support and request to forfeit their earnings to their entire team or a specific teammate.

Claiming Event Prizes

All fully registered domestic players on qualifying / winning teams are eligible to claim prize winnings. If an individual or team qualifies to receive event prizing, the following policies MUST be observed.

Physical Prizes: All individuals eligible to receive physical prizing (computer cases, graphic cards, etc.) will need to submit a CEVO earnings form. These forms will not only provide as acceptance of your prize, but will provide CEVO with the physical address for the delivery of the prize. CEVO will pay for all costs associated with the shipping of the prize but will NOT be liable for any associated customs duties or taxes. Any physical prizes NOT claimed within 30 days of the conclusion of the event will be forfeited. Any cash prizes NOT claimed within 30 days of the conclusion of the event will be subject to a 30% fee to cover taxes and additional administrative fees.

(FOOD AND DRINK PRIZES: CEVO cannot by law send food or beverage internationally and will provide the winning individual with a cash supplement equal to the value of the prize.)

Cash Prizes Under $600.00 USD: All individuals eligible to receive prizing less than $600.00 will need to submit a CEVO earnings form. ALL winnings less than $600.00 will be distributed via PayPal within 14 days of CEVO receiving the earnings

Cash Prizes Over $600.00 USD: All individuals eligible to receive prizing greater than $600.00 will need to submit a CEVO earnings form. ALL winnings greater than $600.00 will be distributed via company check 30 days after the conclusion of the event.

If a winner is under the legal age of majority in his or her state of residence, the winner's parent or legal guardian must also sign the Competitive Earnings Release Form. Sales taxes, if any, and income taxes, are the responsibility of each winner. Each winner, by entering in any CEVO event or contest, consents to the inclusion of his or her name on a list of winners made available to any and all sponsors.

Forfeiture of Event Prizes and Reparation

CEVO prides itself on fair and expedient distribution of prizes to all players for whom reward is rightfully earned.

In the event that a team is disqualified from event for any reason, the entire team will forfeit their prizes to which the team would otherwise be entitled.

Any team that willingly retires from an event prior to its conclusion (for example, opts to forfeit the final match rather than play) will forfeit their rights to all prizes.

If any player or team is currently under formal dispute by an opponent or internal review by CEVO, prize claim forms will not be processed until the resolution of said dispute or review.

CHEATING IN A CEVO EVENT CONSTITUTES A FORM OF FRAUD. In the circumstance that a player is awarded monies or product and then later found to be cheating at any point by a retroactive examination of the player, that player will be required to repay CEVO the full amount of money earned or full market value of product distributed (at the time of distribution) before being allowed to return to competitive play at the end of the suspension.

Event Prizes

All event prizes are determined prior to the event opening for registration unless otherwise stated by a contributing sponsor.

Winners Lists; Rules Request

For a copy of the Winners list, send a stamped, self-addressed, business-size envelope to the following address:


[NAME OF EVENT / CONTEST] Winners List, c/o CEVO Inc.

PO Box 1844

Sykesville, MD 21784

To obtain a copy of these Official Rules, send a stamped, self-addressed business-size envelope to the following address:


[NAME OF EVENT / CONTEST] Rules Request, c/o CEVO Inc.

PO Box 1844

Sykesville, MD 21784

Other Governing Event Terms

To the extent permitted by applicable law, all events, contests, and these Official Rules will be governed, construed and interpreted under the laws of the state of Maryland, USA.

These Official Rules are subject to any requirements/limitations imposed by the Federal Communications Commission.

All CEVO events and contests are subject to applicable Federal, state, provincial and local laws and regulations.

Members agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by the decisions of CEVO, which are final and binding in all respects.

CEVO reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify any contest or event, or any part of it, if any fraud, technical failures or any other factor beyond CEVO's reasonable control affect the administration, security or proper play of the event or contest or CEVO otherwise becomes (as determined in its sole discretion) incapable of running the event or contest as planned. CEVO reserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual found in violation of the Official rules, tampering with the Paladin software application, or tampering with the registration process or the operation of any event or contest.

CEVO's failure to enforce any term of these Official Rules shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.

Exploitation of CEVO Rules

The Official Rules will not apply in any way other than their intended use. In the event of a dispute over the meaning, purpose, or applicability of a rule, or in the event of an attempted exploitation of any Official rule, CEVO shall be the final authority on its applicability and subsequent actions taken, if any.

CEVO Rule Changes

CEVO reserves the right to modify these rules as needed. This includes changes due to software updates or releases, and all other changes deemed necessary by CEVO, Inc.

Players should check the rules on a regular basis and prior to every match to ensure they are in complete compliance.

Players must understand that the rules listed are guidelines that CEVO will use to ensure good sportsmanship as well as fair and competitive play and each of these rules is subject to interpretation.

Contacting Officials

If you need assistance, please contact CEVO Support through one of the official methods listed at cevo.com/support.