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The Eastern Saints

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Pentru RO, vezi mai jos :)

The group is created by a New Orleans Saints fan from Romania and is aiming to become a team/community/group that knows what team, team-spirit and fighting to the end means.

Looking for English and/or Romanian language speakers, to create a gropu of people that will fill the QB, WR, OL, DB, S positions corresponding to a NFL team :)
Looking for friends to play with and to create a group of people that can play together as a team, advance as a team and maybe even win some matches!

NO cheats, bans (no matter for what game), NO rage, childish behavior, insults or any kind of racism! Must be over 16 years of age, please...

Please leave a message and a Steam Profile link if you want to give it a try!

Required levels: Anything from Silver Elite Master up!

Thank you!

Versiunea in romana:
Caut jucatori peste 16 ani, care apreciaza spiritul de echipa si bunul simt si care doresc sa joace impreuna, pentru dezvoltarea echipei si upgrade al rank-ului,eventual luand din cand in cand parte la ligi on-line (FACEIT, CEVO etc.).

Lasati un mesaj cu link-ul profilului Steam.

Va multumesc!


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Round of 64 VETO TBD      
Round of 32 VETO TBD      
LB Round 1 VETO TBD      
Round of 16 VETO TBD      
LB Round 2 VETO TBD      
LB Round 3 VETO TBD      
LB Round 4 VETO TBD      
Round of 8 VETO TBD      
LB Round 5 VETO TBD      
Round of 4 VETO TBD      
LB Round 6 VETO TBD      
LB Round 7 VETO TBD      
UB Finals VETO TBD      
LB Round 8 VETO TBD      
LB Round 9 VETO TBD      
LB Finals VETO TBD      
Grand Finals VETO TBD      
Grand Finals 2 VETO TBD      
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There are currently no matches for this team