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AVGL Announces Snowed In 1v1 Tournament (Jan 21)

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Announcing the AVGL Snowed In 1v1 Tournament!

This is a collegiate, 1 day event with a $500 prize pool. Players will compete in a single elimination bracket featuring 1v1 Aim maps to determine the best collegiate CS:GO player!


  • You must be currently enrolled as a full time student
    • Click HERE to see full rules about eligibility
  • Register yourself on the CEVO website and the AVGL College website
    • Your AVGL name must match your CEVO name
  • Paste the link from your CEVO profile onto your AVGL profile into the “CEVO Profile” field (the numbers at the end of your profile link)
  • Register for the event on the CEVO platform
    • You do not need to register for the event on the AVGL website, but you must have a profile on the AVGL website
  • Registration closes January 20th


  • $5 per player


  • $500 minimum + Matcherino crowdfunded bonus
    • 1st: 80%
    • 2nd: 20%


  • Matches begin at 12:00pm EST on Saturday, January 21st
    • Single Elimination bracket
    • Best of 3 games
    • No 3rd place match
  • Start times (based on 64 teams):
    • Round 1: 12:00pm EST
    • Round 2: 1:00pm EST
    • Round 3: 2:00pm EST
    • Round 4: 3:00pm EST
    • Semi Finals: 4:00pm EST
    • Grand Finals: 5:00pm EST
  • Over 64 teams will result in additional start times later in the day, but the event will not start earlier
  • After each match, the captain will return to the match page to report the score on the CEVO website


  • 1v1 format:
    • Best of 30 rounds
      • Game ends once a player wins 16 rounds
      • A 15-15 tie will lead to a tie breaker
        • Best of 6 tie breaker, 3 rounds per half
          • Continuous ties will follow the same format
    • Round time: 60 seconds
      • 5 seconds freezetime
  • Best of 3 maps
    • Veto System
      • Home bans 1
      • Away bans 1
      • Home picks 1
      • Away picks 1
      • Random map picked
  • Map pool:
    • aim_ak47_colt
    • aim_100hp
    • aim_map
    • aim_map_usp_s
    • aim_redline
    • aim_usp_a
    • awp_india
  • Players have 15 minutes to join the server or they will be disqualified from the tournament


  • Prize money will be paid out via Matcherino
    • Player will require a Twitch account
  • No spectators allowed other than AVGL or CEVO moderators and casters
    • You can live stream your own matches, let us know if you are an we will Retweet you @AVGL_CSGO
  • 1st place winner will be interviewed after the conclusion of the event

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