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Four Dominant CS:GO Captains Look Ahead to $10,000

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

By Jonah Schmidt (https://twitter.com/Jonah_Tucker)

Fifty teams are already signed up for The American Video Game League’s third CS:GO season. Beginning February 11th, collegiate teams across the nation will be vying for the $10,000 prize pool, a spot at the AVGL’s LAN final and bragging rights for their university.

The University of California Irvine Gold and University of California San Diego, now known as Triton Gaming, have returned to face one another after last year’s matchup going 2-1 in favor of Triton. Two other schools that are looking strong coming into the season are the University of Colorado Boulder Buffaloes (2-0) and the University of Central Florida Knights (1-0), both with an early 16-0 against the University of Arizona Wildcats and the Tiffin University Dragons, respectively. The Knights and Buffaloes are looking to continue their success into this tournament as well. Other teams in both collegiate leagues include Georgia State University (1-1), Virginia Tech (2-0), and Robert Morris University (2-0).

Triton Gaming is looking to repeat their championship run this year, turning to -RoYaL to fill the shoes of ex-player ExToSee. Their roster does show the return of Schooled who, although had a lower efficacy rating, went +21 when comparing his kills to his deaths and 91.5 average damage per round throughout the best of three series against UCI Gold in the finals of last season.

iHiro says that Schooled and their newest addition, -RoYaL, are the players that will stand out on his team.

We're not afraid of any rosters currently. Besides UCI Gold, the only team that took a map off us last season, there wasn't much of a challenge.


                        Triton Gaming Captain

On the other side, UCI Gold has kept the old roster but placed Spaz__ and jab0dy on the bench while bringing up Alliar and sound^ to join them.

 In-game leader Strawberry says that Alliar brings “flashy” plays to the game while sound^ brings crisp aim to his entry kills. “This is going to be the easiest season for UCI Gold," said ^sound. "This is gonna be the easiest final to win too.”

Strawberry also projects that they will win the tournament with “no maps taken”, meaning they will not lose a single map this AVGL season.

[Alliar] is insane… he’s just blowing us all away skillswise. I mean, he just has so much potential. So, the player to look out for on my team would be Alliar. Definitely.


            UCI Gold Captain

Although they went out in the first round of the playoffs last year, CU Boulder started off this year strong with a big 16-0 win over Trine Thunder of Trine University. UCI Gold predicts that CU Boulder will be a big contender this year in the AVGL. Anything could go the Buffaloe’s way in the upcoming tournament and they could be looking at an AVGL Championship win this year. CU Boulder Team Captain SolGoat said that the team members in the current roster for the Buffaloes have been working together seamlessly.

Efren will be the player to watch “because he is capable of making some very flashy plays and winning some remarkable clutches due to his aggressive playstyle that can often catch people off guard.”

We have been able to find a great balance of players and it doesn't ever feel like we are relying on one person to carry us through a match.


                        CU Boulder Captain

Another promising team coming into the season is the UCF Knights, a team that went out in the second round of playoffs last year but are looking towards the championship this year. Even though the UCF was not mentioned as being a threat by any of the other three teams, their performance proves that they’ll be a big contender for the finals this year.

ShohnJ, Captain for UCF Knights, said “I wouldn’t say they’re particular threats to keep an eye out for,” when asked about the current lineup of teams in the AVGL.

A big player to look out for on the Knights, according to ShohnJ, would be Chilled_Dan. With only a +1 KD after the first map of the first round of the AVGL last year, Chilled_Dan would step up his game and close out the matchup going +35 overall, with only 1 death on overpass, the final map.

[Chilled_Dan] is really good at clutch situations and pulling big plays out of nowhere to help turn the tide of the game.


UCF Knights Captain

Combined, these four captains make up a majority of the mind power between the top teams in this year’s tournament and all of them, with their teams, are determined to take home the title. Will we see another final between UCI Gold and Triton Gaming this year? One thing is certain, it will be hard to predict the outcome of this incredibly stacked tournament.